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belboon and Ingenious Technologies set new standards in the affiliate marketing industry

Berlin, July 17, 2020 – Berlin-based performance marketing network belboon and tech provider Ingenious Technologies have completed the migration of belboon’s entire affiliate business with more than 1,800 advertisers and 80,000 publishers.

The performance-marketing industry is on-going process of change. At the same time, publishers and ad-tech providers are continuously introducing fresh business models and/or top-tier technology to advertisers and agencies.
Ingenious Technologies offers the most modern tracking and attribution technology in the performance and affiliate market – this has been the key driver for belboon to choose Ingenious as their technology partner. With the new technology and platform belboon will be able to provide a future-proof and state-of-the-art tracking and attribution technology.

For belboon it is a mandatory imperative to pro-actively provide competitive solutions that are fully matching market developments and drivers such as “ePrivacy” and all ongoing and future “browser updates” as a strong customer and market requirement and, as market leader, to be leading in the important area of attribution strategy and thereby offer associated solutions with a true differentiation and market advantages.

Ingenious provides a suite of functionalities and instant upgrades, such as flexible 3rd-party domain name notation, significantly limiting the risk of blacklisting for belboon and their customers, resulting in higher tracking quality, with up to 15 % more events tracked. Moving to 1st-party tracking domains enables unparalleled tracking quality and offers the possibility to track all paid channels beyond just performance marketing. belboon’s new customer journey analysis empowers clients to dive into the macro and micro views of their customers and understand the path and touchpoints which led to conversion.

This strategic partnership between belboon and Ingenious enables each business to focus and capitalise on its core strengths. belboon will continue to invest all resources on service excellence, while Ingenious Technologies further develops the most innovative and feature-rich tracking platform on the market.


This cooperation truly separates technology and service and thus is the first of its kind in the market. We are proud to have won belboon’s trust in our platform and are certain that our infrastructure and technological expertise will create stronger partnerships and new opportunities, both for belboon and their clients.

Christian Kleinsorge, Board Member at Ingenious Technologies AG


This strategic move puts belboon at the top of the industry and starts a new chapter in their companies’ growth.


belboon as a market leader in the affiliate- and performance marketing environment has chosen the market-leading and state-of-the-art technology to enable its customers with competitive and sustainable future-proof tracking technologies and solutions, now and in the future. It is also a key imperative for belboon to provide additional value added services to their customers associated with an enhanced and measurable value proposition and new solutions in the Managed Service environment.
We are happy and proud about the strategic cooperation between belboon and Ingenious and looking forward a continued successful joint partnership!

Roman Hinz, Managing Director/CEO belboon GmbH


Following the successful migration, the two companies will launch a combined service and technology offering in the near future, for customers looking to nurture their network of partners with help from experienced account managers.


About belboon GmbH

With around 1,800 partner programs and 80,000 publishers from around 50 nations, the belboon GmbH is one of the leading performance networks in the D-A-CH market. Every year belboon generates more than 2,5 million transactions. Companies of different sizes trust the international experienced account management and the market leading technology of the performance marketing network. belboon offers the possibility to use modern tracking technologies, interfaces for external partner, and works with automated, data based technologies such as retargeting or programmatic-advertising. The belboon GmbH was founded in 2002, is based in Berlin and part of the detailM group since 2018.


About Ingenious Technologies AG

Ingenious Technologies is a leading independent marketing technology provider. With the cloud-based Ingenious Partner Marketing platform, companies across all industries can aggregate, structure, enrich and analyse all marketing data collected. Thanks to real-time processing and a high level of automation, reliable data sets are available for clients to make agile marketing decisions. Through its in-house R&D team, as well as international Customer Excellence team, which manages clients worldwide from its headquarters in Berlin, Ingenious Technologies secures its success through constant innovation and proximity to the market.



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