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An interview with Roman Hinz about belboon GmbH

How long has your network existed and how many employees do you currently have in Berlin?

belboon has been in the market since 2002 as one of the market leaders in Performance and Affiliate Marketing and currently employs approximately 30 people in our Berlin office.

What distinguishes you from other networks?

In addition to our market-leading tracking and attribution technology, it is above all the proximity to the customer that distinguishes us. Not only do we have a very good support team that is recognised and appreciated in the market and by our customers, but we also have motivated and committed colleagues in key account management, who provide our customers, advertisers and publishers, with help and advice.

That’s right! You have recently changed technology or are currently in the process of doing so – how did this happen and why did you decide to do so?

Ingenious Technologies currently offers the most modern tracking and attribution technology in the performance and affiliate market. A future-proof tracking and attribution technology is of course very important to us in order to meet market developments such as ePrivacy and browser updates as well as the constantly changing customer needs, for example in the area of individual attribution strategy, and thus be able to offer associated market advantages. It is also important that this change gives us the opportunity to offer additional services and solutions in the managed service environment. There are many reasons why we have chosen this future-oriented and market-leading technology.

For which customers could the topic of Managed Service be interesting and what are the advantages?

Our Managed Service is aimed at companies that cannot exploit their full online potential due to a lack of experience, know-how and/or resources. We provide targeted and sustainable support for the initial setup, such as the creation of tracking pixels and integrate the customer into the belboon network and our existing infrastructure. In doing so, the targeted increase of our customers’ turnover, the acquisition of publishers and the acquisition of qualified reach are in the foreground.

The advantage of Managed is that the customer is supported by our experienced Performance and Affiliate experts from day one. This means that there is no need for training on an external technology platform. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to expand his sales territories in over 30 countries.

How many publishers do you have in your network?

We have approximately 80,000 qualified publishers from all industries and verticals in our network.

Outlook – how do you see the future of affiliate marketing?

It is no secret that the industry is facing new challenges, including regulatory challenges, which did not exist in the past. But it is exactly these changes that make the industry so exciting and diverse! In addition to the spread of AdBlockers and innovations in data protection, topics such as the ITP 2.2 and Firefox 63 updates naturally also play a relevant role that needs to be taken into account.

We have experienced employees who keep an eye on the constant changes in the market. It is also important that we as a network set the course for the changes at an early stage and expand our product portfolio. Thanks to our new platform, for example, our customers can choose between an open and a private network. Especially for customers who have been active in the affiliate market for a long time and wish to consolidate their channels, topics such as targeted publisher targeting and brand protection are becoming increasingly important, so that the private network in particular will become more and more important in the future.